Combining Lilac and Grey Curtains

We see them everywhere in the decor world—mismatched curtains. Does that sound familiar? Well, regardless of how you feel about them, a tasteful look can come to play by strategically contrasting patterns or plain designs.

You’ll love that feeling when you mix and match curtain theme perfectly—even though it is easy to get it wrong. If this is your first time at experimenting with contrasting curtain colors, I’d advise you ease into them as slowly as you can.

Decorating your home with the right colors may take some skill, but that should not in any way intimidate you. In this piece, we have done all the homework for—lilac and grey are a match made in heaven, so don’t fret when you combine them in your curtains.

Back in the nineties, lilac was the color of the moment. But it’s gradually gaining momentum once again as a natural partner for popular shades like grey—and in this case, I mean in lilac and grey curtains.

The chalky finishes on the wall can help complement your color combination. For the relaxed, casual look in your home, your lilac and grey curtains can do wonders.

Lilac curtains are perfect for decoration—because muted colors are quite similar to a neutral color. Expect perfect color combination when lilac pairs with grey because of its intensity or value.

The grey colour curtain has an undertone of blue, purple or green—and they all work when used with our lilac curtain. You’ll also agree that lilac has even a hint of grey.

A color scheme of lilac and gray curtain can help you update your bedroom because it is the neutral of choice when you talk of the interior of modern homes.

Bringing out the best in your Home

Enhance the look of your curtain by perfectly combining lilac and grey curtain and bring out a tinge of glamour in your home. You may be skeptical about the outcome at first, but when you try it out, the surprise will be all over your face. Combine this pair on an accent wall, may be with horizontal and vertical strips.

Attain a Modern look

If you have poles that are feature pieces, you can show them off using your pleated-top curtains—in lilac and grey of course. Attach the hooks along with the top fabric and have them suspended from the hoops. You also team a pair of eyelet drapes alongside the chunky metallic pole. With plain designs in grey and lilac, minimalist homes have got great companions.

Approach Formal and Casual Themes Differently

If the truth is told, mix and match curtain ideas are meant for casual rooms. But you have the leeway that will allow you to go for an acceptable look for a formal room. Be as liberal as possible when you combine lilac and gray curtain in your room—even if you decide to use them separately on each window, they will turn out well. Bring your ideas to life by taking your creativity to the next level.

Patterns and Solid Colors Win Every Time

Why going for a colorful pattern curtain in lilac and grey? That might be what your room needs right now. This mix and match colors can complement the theme in your home—though depending on how you use them People have different perception at it, so expect different combination style.

You can decide to have a pattern in lilac for the curtain panel that covers one side of the window and have the pattern in grey to be used as the panel for the other side of the window.

Other Furnishing Ideas will help you Tie it all Together

You do not want your multicolored window to be like a sore thumb when you compared it to other parts of the house—that is far from what we’re trying to achieve. Take a look at the rest of your room and think creatively on how your lilac and grey curtain combination can be one of the most significant additions.

If you’re lost at this point; you can hire an interior décor to help out—but you’ll have to instruct them on what you want to see. It is not hard achieving the best style for you home—it only takes creativity.

Many homeowners don’t bother about how their curtains complement the look of their home. Mix and matching your curtain is an inexpensive way to bring out an excellent interior design you will savor for a long time to come. And who doesn’t want their home to be as inviting and relaxed?

You need to combine these beautiful colors the best way possible, such that even your guests will not hold back the feeling, sending out their accolades in multiple proportions.

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