How to Hang Curtains on a Pole – The Ultimate Guide

Nobody wants to be an accidental exhibitionist by hanging their curtains—whether in the living room or elsewhere. But if you have the right tools and know to go about it, then it’s time to enhance the look of your room.

If you need to block sunlight from making its way into your room or you want to add finishing touches to space, you can achieve it by hanging your curtain on a pole. Your naked windows can finally give way when you learn to use your curtain pole and curtain fabric to your advantage.

Use Wider Curtain Pole

Always go for a curtain pole that is wider than your window. It will give ample space for the panel to hang on each side of your window. To this end, the panels will cover the windows every time. You might want to think the window is larger than it looks. Let the pole be 8″-12″ wider than the window.

Hang your Curtain Pole Closer to the Ceiling

The window will appear taller if you decide to hang the curtain pole higher. You could fix your curtain pole somewhat closer to the ceiling than the top of the window. A simple rule is to make it 4-6 inches above the window frame.

Choose a Curtain Hanging Style

There are different styles for the top of the curtain (header):

Eyelet Curtains

You can hang eyelet curtains by inserting the curtain pole through the metal-rimmed openings that lie along with the header.

Tab Top Curtains

The tab top curtains feature a row of fabric tabs which are at regular intervals. You can use them for hanging your curtain panel from the pole.

Pleated Curtains

With the pleated curtains, you can have your curtains shaped into neat pleats and hang them using rings.

Decide the Position of the Hooks

It’s time to decide where to position your hooks; move the hook to the top of the heading. It will allow your curtain to hang below the pole. You can have the hook around the middle, so the heading covers the track.

Tying the Cords

Before gathering, tie the cords! Ensure that you do so at one end of the heading tape. If you fail to do this and start gathering, the heading tape will unravel. Tying the curtain off at the leading edge is usually what a lot of people do—that is the edge meeting the other curtain in the middle.

Look at the Width

Check the width of the curtain to ensure that is what you need. You can go a few centimeters wider than the required. It will take out the need to cut off each side of the curtain so they can meet in the middle when you hang it.

Tie the Curtains off

With the right width, you can tie the cords—you don’t need to cut them off; you may want to loosen the curtain when it’s time for cleaning or better still when you want to hang it at a different window. Wind the long cords over your hand—it prevents it from peeping out at you. Some people may decide to attach the cords to the lining using a safety pin; it keeps them hidden.

Insert the Hooks

At this juncture, ensure that your gathers are even—it takes patience to achieve that. It will be worth the stress at the end of the day. Know the number of gliders on your curtain pole and divide it by half. That will give you an idea as to the number of hooks you’ll attach to each curtain.

It will be proper to place the hooks loosely on the top of heading tape—do it before putting the hooks into the pocket. With an even distance between the hooks, your curtain will have an edge. Put a hook on the outside edge of the curtain to help secure it at the end of the pole when pulled closed.

You might want to consider the position on the leading edge. Position it in a way for perfect overlap with the other curtain when closed.

There are three rows of pockets for heading tapes. Insert the hooks into the middle or low row of the pockets to hide the track. Insert the hooks into the top row of the pockets for poles; it allows the curtain to hang below the curtain pole.

It’s Time to hang your Curtain!

It’s time to fix the final curtain hook to your curtain pole—which has to be between the brackets. In case of a curtain track, join it to the fixed glider at the end of it.

Need I say more? Hanging a curtain on a pole is not hard after all! A nice cup of coffee will do as you watch your curtain transform your room and bring out the appeal you have ever wanted.

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