Hanging Your Curtains Panels with Rings

Curtain is fast becoming one of the most important things to consider in home decoration, as a matter of fact, the immense beauty curtain adds to rooms cannot be overemphasized. You might have seen people put so much energy in curtains selection, it is because of the superb colour and texture curtains add to rooms. Beyond doubt, the benefits of curtains in houses are great and you should not miss out!

Let’s take a brief look into some of the functions of curtains in our homes and offices:

First on my list is temperature control: it is no longer news that linen and some other curtains have been proven effective in keeping rooms warm and at an optimal level. Also, you can enjoy the privacy you have long desired, light control and dust prevention, to mention a few, with the right set of curtains. Curtains can make your room adorable if you would get one for yourself without delay.

Choosing the right Fabrics

You must ensure that your desired fabric perfectly suits your room arrangement and style. There are various fabrics that are widely considered to be top-notch. However, you must know that priority is given to the functions of each fabric. Linen allows light penetration while some fabrics such as velvet block light and provide privacy. The right choice of curtain fabric is vital in improving your home decoration.

Hanging Curtains

Now you’ve gotten your curtains since you know how wonderful they can be in homes. It is, however, pertinent to understand that curtains are meant to be hanged and to do that, there are some basics you must first of all put in place. Hanging curtains is not too vast to climb height or tasking as the case may be. It is simple and quite fun if you can make necessary arrangements.

Before hanging your curtains, the following tools and materials must be available:

  1. Curtain rod
  2. Ladder
  3. Tape measure
  4. Pencil, to mention a few

Curtain Rings

There are several options available when it comes to attaching curtains with rods but, in this article, we will be explaining extensively hanging with curtain rings.

Curtain rings are small clips for suspending curtains. They hold up curtains of all types, including shower curtains. They may be available in wooden or metallic style but their major advantage is their ability to curtains to open and close without drapery pulls.


  1. Measure the width of your curtains: most curtain rings are set 4 inches apart, so divide the width of each curtain panel by 4 to determine how many you will need. For example, if you have two panels that are 36 inches wide each, you will need 18 rings. Most curtain rings are sold in packs of 12, so in case you would need to purchase two packs and you will have extras.
  2. Measure the circumference of your curtain rod to make sure that the rings will slide easily over it. Unless you have an unusually thick curtain rod, this should not be an issue.
  3. Choose the type of ring you prefer: some have openings to slip the grommet at the top of the curtain through, like those used on shower curtains. Others are closed rings with smaller rings dangling from the bottom; thee require either drapery pins or sewing to attach the curtain to them.
  4. Lay your curtains panels flat on a clean surface and attach a ring every 4 inches
  5. Detach one end of your curtain rod from its bracket and slide the rings onto it, with the right side of the curtain facing toward you.

Types of Curtain Rings

Clip Rings

Clip rings make it easy to hang any type of material over a window or door. It is the easiest to use, they allow you to spruce up in a room in your home at an instant.


Sliders are part of a curtain rings which clips and hooks are attached. They allow you to slide the drapes open and close to let light into a room during the day and get some privacy at night.

End Hooks

End hooks come in different sizes and they can be attached to the rod and create a neat, clean look.

In summary, there is no better you can think of hanging your curtains without curtain rings. There are tons of information available on curtain rings, however, time won’t permit us to disclose all. But if you can follow the article closely, you will enjoy not just the beauty of curtain rings but the amazing shape that will be added to your curtains.

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