Hanging Your Pencil Pleat Curtain: Surefire Tips to Do It Correctly

You’ll appreciate a pencil pleat curtain any day—it is such a great addition to your interior décor. But the challenge is hanging it on the pole so it can add to the aesthetics of the room.

This piece pulls the “curtain” from behind to reveal basic steps on how to hang your pencil pleat curtain on your pole—and correctly too!

So let’s delve in!
Let your curtains double the length of the pole 

Measure the length of your pole with a measuring tape. Whatever the width you choose, ensure that it is two times the length of your pole. Otherwise, the curtain will not fit the pole as soon as you scrunched it.
An example is when you have a pole of 3 feet; it then means your curtain will have a width of 6 feet.

Have your curtain Rings on the Pole

Pull one side of the curtain pole and slip on your pencil pleat curtain rings. Ensure that you have an even amount of rings. To this end, your curtain will have an equal number of rings. The curtain rings will come separately. But settle for the ones that will match your curtain pole.  

Secure one end of the Heading Tape

The top section of the curtain that has three cords is known as the heading tape—it is used for scrunching the curtain into pleats. At one end of the heading tape, bring together three cords. Loop the cords and tie a knot—and ensure the loose ends go through the loop. Secure the knot by pulling tightly.

You may have a pencil curtain pleat with one end of the cords sewn into the heading tape. If you have such, then no need going through this step.

The end of the curtain you tie does not matter. For most people, tying the knot at the leading edge is the way to go. That is the edge that meets the other curtain in the middle of the pole.

Scrunch the curtain to half the Length of the Pole

While holding the untied loose cords in one hand, scrunch your pencil pleat curtain by pulling the cords. You can now use your other hand to pull the curtain along with the cords. Keep at it until the curtain assumes half the length of the pole.
If you have a pole of 3 feet, then expect to scrunch until you have a length 1.5 feet.

Employ a Slip knot when tying off your Loose Cords

Use one of your hands to hold the loose ends. Ensure that you loop the cords around your fingers and pull it through the loop. But you don’t have to pull all of them. With this done, the cords will look like a loop—or say an ear.

If your pencil pleat curtain comes with no pocket, you’ll have to tuck the cords underneath any of the pleat strings. It will find it easy to untie the knot by using a slip knot, especially when it’s time to clean it.

Secure the Curtain and Even out the Pleats

Pleats come in various sizes, so some may be larger than the other. When you gently pull the curtain along the string that will allow you to even out the pleats. Make the pleats along with the heading tape uniform in width and shape by pulling the curtain.

Install your Pencil Cleat Curtain

Settle a row to fasten your hook onto the heading Tape. The heading taps feature three rows of pockets that lie at three positions—top, middle, and bottom. You can go for the top or middle row if you want the pole visible. Otherwise, you can go for the bottom row.

The 4th or 5th will Receive the Hooks

The 4th or 6th pocket will receive the Hooks to attach to each pencil cleat curtain. You can begin at the outside end and then slip and loop the hooks into every 4th or 6th pocket, which will depend on the width of the curtain. Ensure you space the hooks evenly apart.

Half the number of rings—that is the number of hooks you’ll attach to each curtain.

Ensure to attach hooks to the pockets instead of the cords. The curtain will sag in between with too few hooks, and too many hooks will restrict the curtain.

It is Time to Hang your Curtain

Attach the hooks, but you have to drape the curtain over your forearm to do that. The essence of your forearm is for it to support the curtain’s weight while you hang it. Get the hooks attached to their designated rings.

You need a ladder or stool in case the pole is too high for your reach. Repeat this process for other pencil pleat curtains.
And there you go! You thought it was unachievable? Well, we just proved you wrong—you can hang them nicely and easy.

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