How to Choose the Right Roman Blind for Your Home

Roman blinds will always hang flat—it sounds like stating the obvious. As they go up, they assume a series of horizontal folds, and the highest part of the fold covers the entire fold.
You can install your roman blind outside the recess, inside the recess—or fixed to the window architrave (frame). With these three scenarios, you can decide how to go about measuring for your blinds. There are different guides to help you out.

Blinds will always spruce your room—though it depends on the type you choose. A roman blind can gives a soft feel of curtains. However, it comes with a contemporary look as they lie flat against the window.
But wait a minute! Before you install any roman blind, what choice would you prefer or will be perfect for your room? Deciding on the best roman blind for your home can be such a difficult task. And who says you can’t achieve it with ease? That is what this piece is all about.

Style of the Roman Blind

One of the first things that readily come to mind when installing a quality designer roman blind is the functionality of your room where you’ll be installing it. The style of the roman blind will play a big role in all of this whether you are installing it in the kitchen, bedroom or even the living room.

For a room that is in regular use, you can decide to go for a simple fabric. However, for the dining or the bedroom, you can go adventurous and select a fabric with metallic weave or even a structure fabric.

What about the Colour?

Roman blinds feature an array of fabrics with different colorways that allow you to match the style and color of your space. You could research or ask for an opinion if you’re not sure of your color matching skills. That will take out all the guesswork.

The Design matters too

Some fabric incorporates great design aside from the plain fabrics out there. Such allows you to create a design masterpiece for your window. Add a bit of flair to your room with fabrics that come with different designs.

Location and Light Should not be left out

The location will play a critical role when it comes to selecting a roman blind. This factor will take into consideration the position of the windows in the room. 

Have a second look at your windows and observe how much natural light goes through them. It will help you conclude whether a roman blind is the best option.

As soon as you decide, you can also spare a thought for the style of lining you’d prefer for the room. You could opt for a blackout lining if the blind is for a bedroom—or you may go for a standard lining. There are also interlined roman blinds for an extra luxurious feel.

Size and Fabric

In your choice selection, you’ll have to take cognizance of your blind fitting. They are fitted inside the window recess or outside of it as stated before. When you deal with a large window, you’ll have to consider the weight of the fabric. The fact remains that a substantial amount of fabric goes into creating these blinds, which causes them to be heavy when in operation.

If you’re sure about size and fabric selection, you can always reach out—ask for a second opinion or do your homework. It will make no sense to get it all wrong at this stage.
Most curtain fabrics are about 138cm (54”) wide. Logically, this could limit the width of your blind; consider the windows in your room that will fit quite well.
But you can also have quality roman blinds with a maximum width of 300cms (118”). That is more than one width of curtain fabric. It will be neatly joined and pattern matched so you can achieve the required width. Such blinds will be made using a full panel of fabric in the center, including two equally sized sections—which will be at either side of the joins.

Wrapping Up

A roman blind can give a welcoming feel—even your guests will appreciate it. But making the right decision is what matters, which why the factors stated above needs to come to play—color scheme, design of your room, location of windows. Also, the right fabric is essential to ensure beauty and longevity of blinds.

There is a large selection of designer roman blinds out there for you to choose from and will perfectly suit your needs.

It is time to stop thinking about the best roman blinds for your room. The piece is replete with the right information you need to turn your living space around. Take action now, and you’ll be amazed at the outcome afterward.

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