How to Put Curtain Hooks on Curtains

Curtains are not just a home accessory but are a mandatory component of interior designing. Whether it comes to decoration, privacy or to balance the level of light entering the room premises, curtains work as a soothing effect for your home. Curtains not only enhance the beauty of your home but also saves you from the discomfort.

So, are you waiting for your new curtains to be delivered but panicked about hanging them?

Do not worry. There’s a solution for you.

But, let’s start with the basics first.

Types Of Curtain Hooks

One needs to know the type of curtain hooks because of the different style of curtains and hooks available in the marketplace. Whether you want to create an elegant, casual or formal theme, every form has a different type.

Once you figure the different types, it will be easier for you to configure and hang your curtains like a professional.

Pin Hooks

This type looks similar to the fishing hooks with a sharp-edged point at one side and a curled buckle on the other. These are mostly made out of metal wires and are more likely to have up to 4 tips. No doubt, the performance of all pin hooks is similar.

The pointed side of the hook is placed back on the dunk of the curtain at the bottom of the joint whereas, the curved side is placed inside the rings and holes of the curtain. The 2 pointed hooks are put to use with curtains having ruffled wrap attached to the top. Then finally, the points are placed inside the curtain heading to simply design pleats.


The design of the S-hooks is quite similar to the alphabet “S.” You might find a large variety of S-hooks made out of metal, plastic or even wood. Generally, they are utilized with shower curtains but can go with any curtain having a knob hole at the top.

These hooks are mostly placed in a fancy way as the hook is visible on the curtains. They also give the option to browse colour and coats. The curtain board remains still however, the curtain can be easily accessible with a tie-back.

Clip rings

These rings are engineered to add on a pure and polished look to the curtain. It is connected to a plastic coil on the header of the curtain where the clip is connected to the bottom of a ring. They avoid using hooks to link them it with a fabric panel that moves smoothly on the rod. The clip rings can easily tie-up with any restricted or a flat fabric like a scarf or a hand towel.

Sew hooks

This type looks the same as pin hooks but has quite a different functionality. These use points with a curve at the finish of one side rather than inserting the points to a fabric tape. Sew hooks make sure to stay at a constant place as the hook is tailored towards the back. The hooked side is then placed in contact with pole rings or the holes. These hooks are considered to be sturdy as they are mostly made up from brass.

How to get started with curtain hooks?

Do you quickly need to put curtain hooks on your curtains and hang them before the guest visits? This blog shares easy and effective options that just need a little technique to be an expert.

Things you’ll need

  • A curtain
  • Right Size Curtain Hooks
  • Blinds, if needed
  • Curtain Rod
  • Tapestry needle, if needed
  • Other accessories, if needed

Choose the Right Size Hooks

Start with checking the curtain top from backwards. The curtains hooks will be placed in the hemmed panel of the curtains. Make sure the aligned section of the hook is not bigger than the hem when you hold it.

Assemble the Curtain

Be precise while preparing the curtain. Bring the curtain on the work area and find the pleat at the surface of the seamed piece.

Tie the Cords

Before you start with the process. Do not forget to tie cords before assembly. Start tying from one corner of the heading tape to avoid the inconvenience. Many prefer to tie it from the starting border to bring the other curtain together in between.

Place the Hooks

Tuck in the shard end of the curtain hook at the bottom of the hem inside the fabric in order to move smoothly inside the seemed part. It shall not interfere with the panel top. Keep 8 to 9 inches of space along with the heading tape and put one on every corner.

Finally, Hang the Curtain

Hanging is quite simple and not take much time but still, it might require some help. There are chances that creases will fall out but to create a perfect pleat position the curved part of the curtain hooks on the rod. Unfurl the fabric to get the wanted look and grab a cup of whatever you like.

Where to Shop Curtain Hooks?

It is quite necessary to do some research before running out and picking something from your nearest store. You can browse several varieties at affordable prices at the online marketplace or you can also go through informative guides or eBooks to study about the accessory you want to invest in before purchasing.

You can even check out the variety on the leading websites like Amazon, IKEA, Wayfair, Urban Outfitters and many more. A range of colours and interesting patterns might please you. Plus, you can also go through the review section to decide the better option for your home and make the final choice.

An Advice

Never hurry to choose curtains for your interior. Curtains boost up the feelings in addition to making the house more relaxed, soothing and friendly. Choosing the right curtain and curtain hooks might be tricky at once but it will surely worth it. Browse the number of designs, colours, patterns, a variety of curtain rods, hooks and accessories with a theme and a concept in your mind.

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