Short and Long Curtain Drops for your Needs

Do we have the right option for curtain drops? That may depend on the person you put the question across to—and that can even get you more confused.

Let take a good look at curtain drops and the various options available

Basic Curtain Drops: To the Floor

Let’s have a look at one the most common of curtain drops—to the floor. This is what you would regard as the standard for hanging curtains—it could be a half-inch off the ground or hitting the floor. This type of curtain drops makes the ceiling look taller and gives the room a more polished look.

But your room may seem too formal. You have to understand that dust will collect around the bottom. It is also possible that kids will grab and use them as a climbing rope. It may be an option to go with if you don’t have kids, pets around and dust is not a significant concern.

Floor-to-Ceiling Curtain Drops

There is a belief that hanging your curtain from the ceiling lets your living space look taller. But how does that happen—maybe visually. Your eyes will follow the lines. If you hang your curtain from the highest point on the wall, your eye will travel up the line, which makes you see the height in the space that you’re standing in.
If you have a living space with a high ceiling, you can complement the using tall curtain drops. The floor-to-ceiling curtain drops can divide your space—whether tucking away window seat or cutting a room into equal halves.

The worst you could do is hanging your curtains too short. The heightening trick-of-the eye will be defeated if the curtain line is cut off abruptly before getting to the ground.

Short Curtain Drops

Let’s have a look at the other end of the spectrum —short curtain drops. If the truth must be told, the high-water style may not be the best way to go when it comes to hanging curtains. The shorter length can slash the visual length of the room into half.
By taking a practical standpoint, short curtain drops appear to be the best option. In the home, a parent might want to go with shorter curtain drops for their children—because they want to reduce sticky fingers when they touch the window treatments. You may be tempted to go short because of the heater or heat-producing radiators.

If you decide to go for short curtain drops, it is essential that you hit the perpendicular mark on the wall. For example, the curtain lengths should converge at the top of the baseboard—or it could be at the bottom of the windowsill.

Café Curtain Drop

Café curtain drops are applicable where there is window sill —for example, a sink in a kitchen or even in a café where you do not need the curtains dragging on the floor.
These types of the curtain are most times hung halfway on the window. It could also be on the bottom pane of a two-part window. They come handy when you need some privacy—but you do not need to take out all the light coming through the window. You need a more casual vibe; this might be the curtain drop to go for.

Breaking at the Floor

We have talked about short curtains and those that hit the floor flawlessly. Which is left out? Long curtains drops? A curtain looks more dramatic if it is more billowy. When you have a curtain that kisses the ground, you get a touch of flair to the otherwise simple window treatment. That is similar in style to the floor-length. However, you’ll have to devote more care to it.

Curtain Drop Rules:

  • Curtains should be long enough
  • There are different drops sizes for ready-made curtains—137 cm (54 inches), 183 cm (72 inches) or 228 cm (90 inches). Other manufacturers will go with 274 cm (108 inches) drop.
    Short curtains are painful to look at. It could make a room look awkward and seem like something is missing. Ensure your curtain is long enough to meet your needs.

    The choice you go with will heavily depend on your needs for window or door. You’d not want to settle for a drop that you’re not comfortable with and end up regretting it.

  • Use Enough Fabric
  • You don’t want a skimpy curtain—it should feel full. If your curtains are pre-mad, ensure they cover the entire window. A 60 inch-wide panel may not look good on a 60-inch window. Multiple curtain panels may be required. You could double curtains depending on the size you’re looking for.

There is no one-way street when it comes to curtain drops—the choice is all yours! Go for what fits the bill.

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